How Can We Help?

Please complete this form to request a repair or amendment with Furniture Rentals, Inc.  

Repair Request: If any of your rented items need to be replaced or fixed due to damage or a malfunction, Furniture Rentals will replace the item at no charge.  

Amendment Request: If you wish to amend your original agreement by adding items after your initial delivery, Furniture Rentals will add the requested item(s) to your rental and will confirm the delivery date/time with you prior to delivery.  There is a 4 month minimum on any items added after your initial delivery.  An amendment fee will be charged to your account equal to the amount of your original delivery/setup fee.


Amendments will incur additional fees/ rate changes. Repairs will not incur any additional fees/ rate changes.
  1. * Amendments/Repairs must be scheduled on a weekday.
  2. ** Please make sure all personal belongings are removed from inside and/or on top of the furniture before pick-up is scheduled. Furniture Rentals, Inc. will not pick up any items with personal belongings in or on it.
  3. *** This date is a request. Furniture Rentals, Inc. will confirm the amendment/repair date with you prior to scheduling.
Please include all available details.
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