We are Open, Fully-Operational, and Committed 

Dear Valued Customer,

Furniture Rentals, Inc. wants you to know that we are open, operational, and committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

We have always been committed to proper cleaning and handling of all products; however as conditions evolve with COVID-19, we assure you that out team will continue to take precautions and proactively do our part to protect the communities in which we live and serve.  Please know that all furniture is thoroughly and consistently cleaned and inspected.  Our cleaning procedures include (but is not limited to) steam cleaning all upholstered items, bagging of mattresses and box springs, disinfecting all hard surfaces and equipment, and maintaining an overall commitment to cleanliness.

In addition to the above policies, our team members have committed to:

  • avoid close contact with individuals who are sick
  • avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
  • will wash hands frequently and properly, and when necessary supplement with hand sanitizer (60%-95% alcohol content) 
  • follow guidelines from the CDC on coughing and sneezing etiquette and clean hands
  • not report to work if sick

We've enacted these supplementary preventative procedures and will continue to re-evaluate and modify as needed.

On behalf of our many employees who live and work in your community, our thoughts are with all who are impacted by COVID-19.  We especially thank you for your continued support and confidence in Furniture Rentals, Inc.



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