Frequently Asked Questions

Renting from Furniture Rentals, Inc. is the perfect solution for your temporary furniture needs. Whether you are working a temporary assignment, temporarily displaced from home, going off to school, on TDY with the military, staging a home, accommodating an overnight guest, or waiting on your permanent furniture to arrive, Furniture Rentals, Inc. will fill your space with the highest quality furniture available.

Most people find that renting one of our predefined furniture packages is the most cost effective method; however, you can create your own package customized to fit your specific needs and budget. Browse our furniture selection by visiting your local showroom, or call us with your specific request. We have many items that aren’t part of our predefined packages.

Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers quick turn around and in some cases SAME DAY DELIVERY may be possible.   Certain restrictions apply.

If you want to be home during the delivery, our professional delivery specialists can give you a 30 minute call ahead. If you live in an apartment community, please authorize a key release to Furniture Rentals, Inc. and our delivery specialists will completely setup your furnishings based on your floor plan.

Not at this time, but if you would like to call or email us , we would be glad to refer a company who can accommodate.

Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers flexible lease terms starting with a 4 month minimum contract.

Yes. After your initial contract term has been fulfilled, you will have the option to purchase any items that you want to keep; however, your past rental payments will NOT be applied towards the purchase price of the item(s). Furniture Rentals, Inc. also sells new premium furniture in our local showroom locations.

Upon execution of your rental agreement, you will be charged a one-time delivery / setup fee (+ tax) based on the delivery location. This one-time fee will cover the delivery, setup, and final pickup of the furniture.

No Problem! Furniture Rentals, Inc. can deliver any items you would like during your rental. You would be charged a one-time amendment fee (+ tax) based on the delivery location. You would be billed for at least 3 months of rent on any items added to your package.

No. After the initial rental term has been met, your contract will roll over to a month-to-month agreement. You can schedule a pickup in advance, or same day (Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST).

The furniture you receive will be clean, and electronics and appliances will be in working order. 

No. For a list of additional items visit our additional items page.

Yes! Furniture Rentals, Inc. rents roll away beds, twin beds, sleeper sofas, Big Screen TVs, folding tables & chairs, and much more. Call for weekly rates and availability.

Yes. We have the office furniture needed to fill your space. Visit our office furniture page for more information.

Furniture Rentals, Inc. is the premier rental furniture provider in the Southeast! Visit our service area page for a complete listing.

No security deposit is required, only a credit check.

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