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Renters in Middleburg FL choose Furniture Rentals, Inc. for premium rental furniture, housewares, appliances, electronics, patio furniture, & office furniture.  Fully-furnish your entire home or apartment in Middleburg!  Renting from Furniture Rentals is ideal for extended house guests, temporary housing, home staging, & hosting events!

Call 800.374.8018 for more information on appliance rentals & furniture leasing in Middleburg or rent furniture online at SHOP FURNITURE RENTALS

Rent a complete Furniture Rental Package or choose individual pieces such as sectionals, lift recliners, area rugs, beds, sofa beds, patio tables, desks, & more.

Our packages are made up of name-brand furniture (Broyhill, Lane, Bassett, Craftmaster, Speed Queen), and our service is industry best.

Same Day Delivery since 1973!

Middleburg, FL Furniture Rentals & Appliance Leasing | Fully-Furnished Apartments


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