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Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers premium Raleigh NC furniture leasing.  We offer the convenience of online account management.  Select your furniture package or individual items, schedule your delivery, and make payments from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smart phone!  At Furniture Rentals, Inc., we understand that when you're in transition (moving homes, moving offices, selling your house, or utilizing a short term rental for temporary housing) convenience is key.

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Leasing furniture from Furniture Rentals, Inc. is the perfect, cost-effective solution for temporary housing in Raleigh.  Our rental furniture packages are ideally designed for rental homes, condos, and Raleigh apartments.  Choose from a variety of different styles sure to meet your preferences and budget.  Our rental packages range from basic (when you just need the essentials), to contemporary (great for downtown apartments), to shabby-chic (when making an impression counts, like staging your home to sell).     

Call Furniture Rentals, Inc. today at 800.374.8018 for professional customer service.  Our Account Executives will guide you through the process of renting furniture and assist you with your selection.  We Deliver More than Furniture.  We Deliver Satisfaction!

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