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Renting Furniture in Wilmington NC

Furniture Rentals, Inc. Wilmington NC provides Wilmington NC furniture rentals, Wilmington NC appliance rentals, Wilmington NC electronics rentals, Wilmington NC housewares rentals, Wilmington NC event furniture rentals, and office furniture rentals to Wilmington North Carolina.  Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers SAME DAY DELIVERY to Wilmington NC Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Call Furniture Rentals, Inc. today at 800.374.8018 or place your Wilmington NC furniture rental order online at SHOP FURNITURE RENALS online furniture rental store.

Furniture Rentals in Wilmington NC

Choose from our wide variety of furniture collections and rental pieces or rent your furniture by the entire package.  Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers 6 distinct rental furniture packages to choose from ranging in style from basic to traditional to contemporary.  Our rental furniture is ideally designed to temporarily furnish your Wilmington NC rental home, condo, or apartment in Wilmington NC. Leasing furniture from Furniture Rentals, Inc. will make your temporary living space your home away from home.

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Appliance Rentals in Wilmington NC

In addition to renting furniture in Wilmington NC, Furniture Rentals, Inc also offers appliance rentals in Wilmington NC.  Our washer & dryer rentals are only $60 / month for the set and we even rent stackable washer & dryer sets.  Furniture Rentals, Inc also offers microwave rentals, and other small appliance rentals in Wilmington NC.


Housewares Rentals in Wilmington NC

Our housewares packages are all-inclusive and offer all the essentials that will make your temporary housing in Wilmington a home.  Our housewares are available for short or long term lease.  Customers in Wilmington NC can rent an entire housewares package or simply rent by the room.  Click here for more information on our Housewares Rentals in Wilmington NC.


Office Furniture Rentals in Wilmington NC

If you have a temporary office, construction office, or office expansion in Wilmington NC, renting office furniture from Furniture Rentals, Inc is the ideal solution for you.  You will get your furniture fast with Furniture Rentals Same Day Delivery.  You can rent office furniture to outfit an entire temporary office or you can simply rent a desk and chair for that new hire or temporary employee.  Furniture Rentals, Inc offers computer desk rentals, office chair rentals, wall art rentals, love seat rentals for the lobby or waiting room, conference table rentals, file cabinet rentals, bookshelf rentals, and more.


Electronics Rentals in Wilmington NC

No rental home, condo, or apartment rental in Wilmington NC would be complete without a TV rental.  Furniture Rentals, Inc offers high def LCD flat screen TV rentals in Wilmington NC as well as DVD player rentals and TV stand rentals.  Add a TV rental, TV stand rental, and DVD player rental to your order to completely furnish your apartment, rental home or condo in Wilmington NC.


Event Furniture Rentals in Wilmington NC

Are you throwing a party or hosting a large event?  Are you planning a wedding in Wilmington NC?  Furniture Rentals, Inc offers event furniture rentals including folding table rentals, folding chair rentals, recliner rentals, lift recliner rentals, and many other event furnishings and accessories for weddings, corporate meetings, conferences, & trade shows in Wilmington NC.

Are you selling your home in Wilmington NC?  Renting furniture from Furniture Rentals, Inc. for home staging will surely make your empty home more attractive to a potential buyer.  Click here for more information on homestaging furniture rentals in Wilmington NC. Unlike most rent to own furniture stores in Wilmington NC, the furniture provided by Furniture Rentals, Inc. is the highest quality rental furniture available and is supplied by national brands such as Lane, Bassett, Broyhill and more.


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