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Renting furniture in Gaffney, SC from Furniture Rentals, Inc. is perfect for temporary housing, furnishing your apartment or home, furnishing our office, or staging your home.


In addition to renting furniture, we offer appliance rentals & housewares rentals to fully-furnish your home, condo, or apartment in Gaffney.  Choose from one of our six rental furniture packages or choose individual pieces to customize your own package tailored to meet your specific budget, needs, & style.

Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers SAME DAY DELIVERY to Gaffney and surrounding areas. Call us today at 800.374.8018 for more information about Gaffney furniture leasing & appliance rentals.

We Deliver More Than Furniture. We Deliver Satisfaction!

Gaffney SC Furniture Rentals & Appliance Leasing

South Carolina

Rent a Pre-Furnished Apartment!

All-Inclusive Furnished Apartments







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