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Furniture Rentals, Inc. provides premium furniture rental services and Same Day Delivery in Lexington SC.  We service Lexington and surrounding areas from our Local Furniture Rental Store & Showroom where renters can hand-select furniture, appliances, housewares, and office furniture to rent.

Renting From Furniture Rentals, Inc. in Lexington SC is Ideal For:

In addition to comprehensive furniture rental packages, Furniture Rentals, Inc. also offers individual furniture pieces for rent such as recliners, lift recliners, sofas, sectionals, love seats, bedroom sets, living room sets, bookshelves, conference tables, sofa beds, folding tables & chairs, area rugs, wall art, etc. Furniture Rentals, Inc. has been serving the Lexington SC area since 1973.

Lexington SC Furniture Rentals - Home Staging Furniture Rental Services in Lexington SC

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