Our Clients

Furniture Rentals, Inc. serves many industries and offers premium furniture rentals to a diverse client base.  Renting from Furniture Rentals, Inc. is the perfect solution for your temporary furniture needs. Whether you are working a temporary assignment, temporarily displaced from home, going off to school, on TDY with the military, staging a home, accommodating an overnight guest, or waiting on your permanent furniture to arrive, Furniture Rentals, Inc. will fill your space with the highest quality furniture available.

Who Rents Furniture?

  • Military Service Members
    • Service men and women and their families often relocate around the country from base to base for moderate periods of time.  Whether on TDY or PCS, lodging off-base is often required.  That’s where Furniture Rentals, Inc. comes in.  We’ve been serving the military and its members since our founding in Augusta GA near Ft Gordon in 1973.  We offer comprehensive furniture rental packages that are perfect for service members renting unfurnished homes or apartments while stationed in SC or GA.  We offer Delivery to Ft Gordon, Ft Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, Fort Jackson, Joint Base CharlestonParis Island, and anywhere in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina.
  • Travel nurses & healthcare professionals
    • Many in the healthcare industry choose to travel and complete assignments with different hospitals and medical facilities for extended periods of time.  These travel nurses and relocating healthcare providers often rent apartment near the hospital they are assigned to, and rent furniture and appliances from Furniture Rentals, Inc – Giving them a home-like environment away from home.  Furniture Rentals offers Delivery to apartments and homes near MUSC, GRU, University Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis, Roper Hospital, Regional Medical Center, AnMed HealthSt. Joseph’s, Memorial Health, and all others throughout GA, SC.
  • Home stagers & realtors
    • Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers home staging furniture rentals to home owners, realtors, and professional home stagers that helps sell homes faster and bring a higher price.  Those staging homes near Augusta GA, Savannah GA, Charleston SC, or Columbia SC have a great resource in visiting a Furniture Rentals, Inc. showroom where specific furnishings pieces can be hand-selected based on the style of the home.  Our showrooms feature many items not offered in our rental packages or shown on our website.  These unique showroom pieces change day to day and are perfect for home staging.
  • Vacation & rental home owners / landlords
    • Those who own vacation homes or rental properties often prefer renting furniture from Furniture Rentals, Inc. rather than purchasing permanent furnishings.  Renting removes the hassle of selecting furniture, arranging delivery / setup, furniture maintenance, changing furniture for specific client needs, and keeping up to date styles.    Changing out bed sizes, adding sleeper sofas, supplying extra roll away beds, replacing appliances, and any other adjustments are only a phone call away.  Let us handle all the details and keep your tenants satisfied at the same time.
  • Relocating families
    • Relocating to a new city for your career can be tough, particularly when moving your entire family.  Often you’re required to move with little notice and with little time.  Finding the right home in your new city can take a while, especially if you’re building a new home or waiting on your current home to sell.  Rather than stay in an expensive and cramped hotel room, choose the more comfortable and affordable option by renting an apartment for a few months and furnishing it with premium furniture, electronics, and appliances from Furniture Rentals, Inc.  You’ll be able to enjoy the home comforts and spacious floor plans and take all the time necessary to finalize your family’s transition.
  • Students & Interns
    • Living in an off-campus apartment can prove to be a more cost-effective student housing option.  Many times off-campus apartments come unfurnished or partially furnished.  Rather than spend a lot of time and money purchasing furniture, delivering it to your apartment, splitting the bill with your roommates, then selling the furniture at the end of the semester, choose the more convenient and less expensive alternative by renting from Furniture Rentals, Inc.  Our basic package is perfect for students or interns on a budget and will fully-furnish your home or apartment.  Only need a few pieces?  No problem!  You can rent only a few beds and a sofa; whatever you need.  Splitting payments between roommates is also a breeze.  We offer convenient online payment options and accept all major credit cards.
  • Business travelers
    • Completing job assignments in remote locations away from often require more extensive lodging than a typical hotel can provide.   Renting a furnished apartment for temporary housing offers those working on short-term assignments a more comfortable and convenient alternative.  Renters can choose from several comprehensive furniture rental packages according to budgets and style preferences.  We’ve got options to suite a wide variety of tastes.   Whether you’re working on a consulting job away from home or tasked with arranging lodging for large construction crews, Furniture Rentals, Inc. will make your accommodations a home away from home.
  • Seniors & surgical patients
    • Furniture Rentals, Inc. offers rental furniture ideally suited for seniors in assisted living communities, senior living centers, and retirement homes.  Allow us to transform that stale room into a warm, livable environment.  We provide a wide array of furnishings from beds, recliners, power lift chairs (perfect for those recovering from a surgical procedure), wall art, area rugs.  We also offer roll away beds that are ideal for visiting relatives and care givers.
  • Displaced families
    • Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Wind, Termites – When disaster strikes your home and you and your family are suddenly homeless, what do you do?  Living all together in a hotel is not a viable option as home repairs and dealing with insurance companies don’t happen overnight.  Allow Furniture Rentals, Inc. to furnish your temporary home or apartment to provide you and your family a comfortable place to live.  Choose one of our comprehensive rental packages, and then add electronics, décor items, and any extras such as media chests, recliners, and office furniture.  We work with many ALE (Additional Living Expense) providers and insurance companies.  Our flexible billing processes can setup the rental in the insurance company’s name or the insured’s name.
  • Those going through life’s transitions
    • Whatever transition you’re going through, Furniture Rentals, Inc. can help by providing high-quality temporary furnishings for you and your family.  Marriage, divorce, separation, relocation,  going off to school, retirement, and each stage of life Furniture Rentals, Inc.’s furniture can provide you with convenience and piece of mind. 

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